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Vocal Coaching


Communication skills

bestow personality.


As a graduated communication expert and certified vocal coach,

my professional journey has encompassed both academic exploration and practical immersion across diverse facets of spoken and interpersonal communication. My main focus lies in teaching and training effective communication skills.

Improving your communication skills is possible.

  • Improving the communication culture within a team, for customers, and in private life

  • Convincing presentations of ideas

  • Convincing argumentation techniques

  • Expressing constructive criticism and giving valuable feedback

  • Improving the sound of your voice in recordings

  • Media-appropriate speaking style and adequate recording of texts

  • Listener-focused accentuation

  • Standard pronunciation

  • Precision of articulation

  • Techniques for a healthy voice  and bodily amplification of the vocal sound

  • Speech-adequate breathing

  • Working on dialects and


  • (Pronunciation of) German and English for non-native speakers


as a lecturer

at universities

at German universities

as well as abroad

Meeting Room_edited.jpg

as a trainer

for companies

for teams and professionals from a wide range of sectors


as a teacher for communication skills

at a vocational school for social affairs and as a workshop instructor at high schools


and as a consultant

for people in speaking professions, stage artists and private individuals

What others think about my work.

Quote from participant in an anonymous feedback form

"I have the feeling that my (inter-)personal communication with people around me has gotten much easier and more successful than before.

No matter what your profession is: My coaching will enhance your soft skills. For information on prices and possible formats / frequencies feel free to contact me anytime.

Get in touch.

Use the contact form or write to me directly at info(at)

Looking forward to meeting you.

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