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Speech for radio

Your own voice in recordings.

What defines the professionalism of a speaker is neither innate talent nor just many years of experience in front of a microphone. Only when you understand how listening is cognitvely processed by the audience, you can adapt your speaking to these principles and become a successful speaker and presenter in the industry. I'll show you what qualities of a speaker makes listening a pleasurable for listeners. I help radio presenters and journalists—and everyone who aims for these professions—to further develop their potential and to lay the reliable foundation for a long-term and succesful engagement as a speaker or presenter in radio and in media in general.

Examples of topics.

Improvement of the vocal sound.

in recordings

How do you use the microphone to generate a voice that is pleasant to listen to? How can the voice be used specifically and consciously in order to increase the quality and professionalism of the recording? How can the voice be used intensively and permanently as a professional speaker and still remain healthy?

Media appropriate speaking styles.

and text work

How does moderation sound natural and understandable? How do written texts come to life on the microphone? How can you reach listeners ? Which way of speaking fits which (radio / media) format and how can the different styles of speaking be used sensibly?

Listener-focused accentuation.

as the key to being understood


How can a text be reproduced clearly on the microphone? Which rules have to be observed so that listeners can follow what is being said (cognitively)? What is different about the microphone than when speaking face to face and why?

Standard pronunciation and articulatory precision.


How to articulate in such way that you are perceived as regional neutral as possible? How clearly or colloquially is speech apt in which radio formats? Which pronunciation of certain words is correct ? Which specific sounds in your individual speech can be improved ?

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