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Rhetoric and

conversational skills.

Improving your communication skills is possible.

Often times, the positive outcome of a project or an interpersonal relationship depends on how approproately you are getting your thoughts across. How clearly and convincingly our ideas are perceived is essentially determined by our communication skills. At the same time, excellent communication skills are not something you either have or don't have—but it is a soft skill that you can acquire, train and continually improve on. In order to further develop your conversational skills, it will be crucial to first gain a more sensitive perception of your own demeanor and behaviorisms in communicational situations. I will help you to develop a closer and more nuanced look on speech in general and your very individual communicational behavior and help you to reflect on it properly and beneficially. A growth of rhetorical competence therefore comes on quiet feet, but is all the more sustainable. As we will work on your own conversational behavior and presentation skills, you will notice that you are becoming more and more receptive in observing other people, too. My goal is to provide you with specific methods and strategies as well as the know-how on how you can perpetually continue developing these skills on your own in the future.

Examples of topics.

Improvement of the communication culture

in the team and with customers.

How can responsibilities be clarified in a targeted and effective way? What makes good moderation of meetings? How can customers get convinced? How can team work be moderated? How can needs and potetials be communicated constructively within a team?

Convincing presentation

of ideas.

How can ideas be presented in a sucessful way? How can the advantages of something be clearly stated? How can you really reach out to the audience? What does it take to share the knowledge from your head with the outside world?



How can we make a point  without losing the opponents? How can arguments be presented clearly? How can we internally structure ourselves and follow a clear pathway throughout an argumentation?

Feedback methodology.

and expressing constructive criticism


How can conflicts be de-escalated at an early stage? How can your own opinion and criticism be expressed in a comprehensible and constructive way?

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