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Voice and pronunciation.

Simply sounding better.

The voice is one of our most important means of expression in all areas of life. Often underestimated, an incredible amount of your daily life depends on it: Could you continue to do your job without your voice? Could you maintain your private relationships to the same extent without your voice? Many people do not even know how important their voice is in everyday life and how much the other person picks up and interprets just through the cues given by our voice, regardless of what we are saying on a content level. We need to understand voice as a valuable tool that needs its own attention and care. In the coaching I will help you to get to know your voice better, to get a feeling for how and when you can use your voice sensibly and make it sound powerful with the least possible effort. In addition, I support non-native speakers in developing correct standard German and/or (BBC-)English pronunciation.

Examples of topics.

Techniques of bodily amplification of voice.

Use your voice more effectively

How can the voice effortlessly produce great sound qualitiy? How can the body provide amplification of your voice while you are speaking? How can you sound pleasantly to an audience or your interlocutor?

Speech-adequate breathing.

What role does your breath play in a pleasant speaking voice? How can the breath serve as a amplifier for a sonorous tone of voice?

Dialects and articulation.


How can your own pronunciation sound dialect-free and neutral? Which sounds can still be perfected?

Pronunciation training for non-native speakers.


How can spoken German / English sound as native and idiomatic as possible? What adjustment screws must be turned in order to reduce your native language's accent?

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